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How to Increase Your Salary: Tips to Get a Raise at Work

How to Increase Your Salary: Tips to Get a Raise at Work

Are you looking to increase your salary? Want to be recognized for your good work and earn more money at the end of the month? In this article, we'll share with you some tips on how to get a raise at work.

First and foremost, you need to understand that you are not as important to the company you work for as you might think. Even if you quit today and came back a month later, they wouldn't throw a party for you. Therefore, it is essential to understand that, to the company, you are like a piece in a chess game. While the company is the king, the president is the queen, the advisors and directors are the bishops and rooks, the managers are the knights, and the other workers are the pawns.

To get a raise, you need to consider the following variables:

01 - Knowledge and Skills:

This is the prerequisite for your role, and going beyond the basics will always be welcome. Becoming so technically proficient that your boss will ensure you stay where you are, always as a frontline pawn in the company.

02 - Impact on Results:

In addition to having the necessary knowledge and skills, you need to turn them into money for the company. Always keep in mind that those who bring in more money for the company earn more.

03 - Problem-Solving Skills:

Companies love people who can solve problems. If you can solve problems, you are an asset to the company.

04 - Leadership:

Large companies need leaders in each of their areas. Even if you don't have any of the other variables, being a leader is important to the company because it makes all the others work better.

05 - Communication Skills:

Communication is fundamental in the workplace. Clear expression in meetings, the languages you speak, and your ability to influence your colleagues or subordinates in pursuit of a common goal are essential.

These variables have different weights in companies. It is common for Impact on Results to be more valued than the others. However, it is essential to identify which of these variables is most valued in your company and focus on it.

It is also crucial to research how much the market can pay for your skills. Even if you want to grow in the company you work for, it is interesting to know how much the market can pay for you, especially if you are asking for a raise.

One of the characteristics of those who have a higher salary is that they ask for it. So, if you want a raise, don't be afraid to ask. Show your boss that you need to earn more and that there are alternatives in the market. However, don't make a threat. Be willing to enter into a negotiation and show that you are open to suggestions.

In conclusion
Getting a raise is not easy, but it is possible if you focus on the right variables and ask for it. Remember that you are like a piece in a chess game, and the company is always looking for the most efficient way to distribute salaries. Therefore, make the company want to give you a raise by becoming an asset to them.

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